Hi, I’m Dave

I am a user interface designer, web application developer, and sometimes iOS guy based in Upstate New York where I live with my wife, a small child I helped make, and three dogs we rescued from a shelter.

What I Do

I design things and build them, generally in Typescript and React, but sometimes in other things! Here's a smattering.

Al Di Meola Chord Study Helper

In my quest to learn everything, I started learing some jazz guitar and the Elm language at roughly the same time. This provided me a perfect opportunity to build something that would help me do both at once. Browse chords, or test yourself with flashcards. Check it out!

Guitar Chord Learning Application

Learn them fancy Jazz Chords!

Source available on GitHub.


Need a metronome? Need a timer? Wish you could have both at the same time? Your dream is now reality. A React Native app put together to help me practice guitar. I would have called it Timetronome but somebody already grabbed that name. Available on the App Store (it's free even!)

Timetronome iOS application

Timer + Metronome = Tmetronome

Boss Katana Amp Tweaker

Do you have a Boss Katana amp? Do you have a bunch of livesets / patches that you want to switch over to the hidden "sneaky" amp models? Have I got a thing for you! Tweak that amp!

Editing a Liveset file

27 Free amps!

Source available on GitHub.

What Key Should I Practice In?

Always practicing in C or E is easy, but you should really branch out! Let a web page tell you what to do and pick a key for you to practice in today.

User Experience Sketches

An app doesn't live in a vacuum. Putting it into perspective as part of a user journey helps me understand what I'm building and to remember what the user is really doing.

User Experience Sketch 1 User Experience Sketch 2

Client Work for the Spirits Industry

Pernod Ricard USA Application Suite

A suite of event management iOS applications for many of the Pernod Ricard brands including The Glenlivet®, Jameson® Irish Whiskey, and ABSOLUT® Vodka.

Pernod Ricard Application Screenshots

And I don't even drink!

Kid Slate

There are already a ton of great drawing apps out there for the iPad and iPhone, so why make another? Because my daughter (who was 2 at the time) would accidentally zoom or pan, or have to ask for help changing to a new color.

Realizing the UI and feature set of all the apps I had seen to that point weren't what a toddler needed, KidSlate was born, with it's biggest feature being a complete lack of features. It's been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times, so I was on to something!

Easy and simple for kids who just want to draw. Best of all, it's free.

KidSlate application screenshot

KidSlate for iOS, free on the App Store


UI refinement for the amazingly awesome BeagleSNES Emulator.

BeagleSNES Emulator UI

Strangely enough, I never had a Nintendo growing up.

User Interface Sketches

Pen and paper are where I start most of the time. They let me ideate quickly without the constraints of digital tools. Plus, they often turn out to be pretty.

Sketch of email template Sketch of webpage design

Two of the thousands and thousands

Pelican Plugins

I recently used Pelican to build a site, and found it quite wonderful. There were a couple things I wished it did though, and so now it does:

React JSON Viewing Components

I needed to look at some semi-large JSON files. I wanted to learn React a bit more. A few hours later, this thing was born. You can grab the source or just mess with a demo of it in use.

React JSON viewer screenshot

That's some pretty spiffy looking data

Volleyball Scoreboard

Developed when the pencil broke while keeping score during a tournament. “Gee, I sure wish there was an app for that!” I thought. Now there is.

Volleyball Scoreboard Screenshot

Avaliable on the App Store!

And even on Google Play

Roman Numeral Clock

I made a nice word clock in javascript. Then I made this. I still have yet to figure out why, although I am glad I did.

Working Example

It's actually telling the time in a hard to read way right now!

“Fine” Art Type Stuff


A million years ago, I went to art school. Recently, attempts have been made to remember how to draw. Some of them even border on success.

Drawing of a guy with sungleasses and a mowhawk

Saturday Sketch: A Guy in a Band

I have no idea who, or what band

Drawing of Mt. Hope Cemetray in winter

Saturday Sketch: Mt. Hope Cemetary

Drawing of a dog in a top hat and coat

Saturday Sketch: A Formal Dog

That is one fancy dog.

Drawing of a dog at a festival

Saturday Sketch: A Dog at WedgeFest

This dog is not as fancy

Image of walking robot drawing

Some sort of robot walking thing

With bonus frog

Digital Painting

Feeling somewhat confident in my drawing, I felt the need to try my hand at digitial painting, where nothing approaching confidence is happening as of yet.

Painting of an apple

Apple Study #5.

Stupid fruit! Be more easy to paint!

Painting of Colgate Divinity School at 6am

Chase Park

Colgate Divinity School. My daughter calls it 'Chase Park'.

Painting of a stone gate across a moutain pass

Yet Another Mountain Pass

An attempt at concept art type stuff.

Painting of an evil looking dolike creature

Nice Doggy

Painting of a Jackalope

The Jackalope Takes a Break

Bonus Photo

Here are the kid and dogs I mentioned way back up at the top.

A child and two dogs

I Have To Feed These Guys Almost Every Day!

Wait… Every day?